Focus On 3C Product SMD LED Lamp Beads

Class 10,000 Dust-Free WorkshopKK-Level Daily Output

Star Products

High Brightness ConsistencyNo Color Difference, Life Expectancy Of 30,000-50,000 Hours

Quadruple Process To Resolve Dead Lights / INT

Using Bestopto LED, The Average Post-weld Defect Rate Is Less Than 0.3%

  • High temperature
    resistant glue

  • Double ball
    solder joint

  • Square chip

  • Vacuum moisture-proof
    anti-static packaging

  • Fourfold Quality Control Guaranteed Factory Quality

    Consistent Brightness, No Color Difference, Stable Operation For 3-5 Hours

  • 2.5-5NM
    wavelength splitting

  • 0.1-0.4V
    Voltage Spectroscopy

  • <5uA reverse current
    <5v reverse voltage

  • 100%
    Full Inspection

  • Applications

    Wide Application Fields, Exported To Home And Abroad, Witnessed By Big Brand Customers

    About Bestopto

    A package and manufacturer with a number of LED-related technologies. It uses advanced LED automated production equipment, focusing on artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, consumer electronics, computers, communications, and instruction. SMD led lamp beads. It is sold to the mainland, Europe, Japan, and the United States, and is provided to customers of major international brand manufacturers.



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    SMD LEDs are available in red, yellow, green, and blue colors. There are three types of package types: 0805, 1206, and 1210. [Details]

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